The company provides high quality packaging services for domestic well-known brand, set up a branch in Ji'nan, Nanjing, Shenyang, Guiyang and Xi'an successively, in the tea producing areas, the well-known tea wholesale market and gift market established dealer sales system, brand packaging for the supply of market demand, the company set up the brand development division. One after another the development of service, Beijing Tongrentang, Prince milk group, Dove chocolate, Wanda Hotel, Wuhu iron picture, taohuatanzhen wine, Tenfu and Mount Huangshan Mao Feng, Tai Ping, Qi Menhong, Houkui Lu'an Guapian tea, white tea in Anji, a large number of first-line brand customers; in the economic globalization, the modern society has become an important packaging the means of international trade, in order to conform to the packaging market under the new normal for the rapid development and change rapidly, the company actively adjust the marketing strategy. Slightly and mode, using the Internet to build the green packaging mall. Green packaging products and packaging Chinese information fully settled APP; "The Belt and Road" as an opportunity to actively develop export-oriented products market; since 2005 held the first session of the new green packaging fair since, has successfully held twenty-four sessions in a row, the new green packaging fair green packaging is leading the packaging market direction, is the green of the packaging field time commitment, is an important part of green packaging marketing system.