Packaging industry needs "Green Governance"

Packaging industry needs "Green Governance"

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Since the reform and opening up, the packaging industry in China has rapidly developed into a complete industrial system with distinctive features in less than 40 years. In 2016, China's packaging enterprises had developed to more than 30, employing more than 10 million, and its total output value reached 1 trillion and 700 billion yuan, ranking fourteenth in 42 main industries of the national economy. Whether it is the production scale, or the output and output value of the packaging, all of them have become the first in the world. However, at the same time, the resource consumption and environmental pollution of the packaging industry in China are also very serious.

According to statistics, in 2016 China's paper and paperboard production capacity of 108 million 550 thousand tons, the per capita annual consumption of 75 kg, which is mostly used for packing; usage of plastic bags every day up to 3 billion, throughout the year more than 6 million 800 thousand tons; and the metal packaging materials, only one can, at least annually consume 10 billion. In the packaging, the recovery rate of paper packaging products is about 25%, the recovery rate of plastic packaging products is only 15%, and the recovery rate of express packaging waste is less than 10%. The annual report of the Ministry of environmental protection showed that 246 large and medium-sized municipal solid waste in the country reached 180 million 695 thousand tons in 2016, of which 40% were packaging waste. Rural domestic waste in 2015 has exceeded 1.75 million tons, of which 15% are packaging waste. The environmental problems caused by the reason for the reason for the packaging waste have come to an urgent point.

There packing problem has its complex background. First of all, the packaging industry, as a service manufacturing industry, has a distinct dependence and dependence. Recycling of packaging materials, involving many aspects of processing, storage, sales and other wastes, industrial chain and long life cycle, prone to care for this and lose that phenomenon. In order to pursue their own economic interests, the production enterprises tend to increase the added value of packaging as the pursuit of the goal, ignoring the social responsibility that the enterprise should bear.

Secondly, traditional culture human face concept, there is a conflict between the public convenience packaging requirements use and sustainable development. The repeated prohibition of excessive packaging is its characterization. To enjoy the process is convenient and simple, to keep seeking new, to use it as a popular consumption psychology, and to stimulate the packaging consumption.

Again, in the packaging design level, although from abroad introduced green packaging, packaging and other ecological thought and circulation system design, design ideas and methods put forward the concept of integration, packaging design principles, but in the specific design process, knowledge and practice of "two skins" phenomenon is very prominent. Designers tend to focus on the interests of the enterprises and consumers' emotional needs, and pursue the low and visual aesthetic impact of material and processing costs unilaterally.

Every one cannot do without packaging, governance every one will affect the packing problem. This requires that the management of the problem of packaging must be fully covered, everyone participates in, and starts on a bit. Specifically, the first is to make full use of the media, teaching materials and other forms of education from young people, to guide them to resist and reject the packaging of pollution behavior. The two is to systematically sort out and perfect packaging laws, policies, market and management system from the aspects of legislation, standards and supervision, rigidly standardize the packaging industry chain, and restrict the industry, market and the whole national behavior, so as to ensure that there is no legal gap. The three is to improve the professional quality packaging designer at the same time, the establishment of low-carbon packaging, reducing carbon and is in accordance with the evaluation criteria system of sustainable development, resource consumption, carbon emissions, recycling, etc. included in the evaluation of biodegradable packaging category, packaging material classification detailed and strict and operable standard. The four is to play the role of state and government administrative functions in scientific research, and to solve problems of packaging materials, design, technology, storage and transportation, and waste recycling methods with technological innovation. Five, through the dual role of administrative supervision and market regulation, the packaging enterprises can eliminate backward production capacity and transform and upgrade as soon as possible. The six is to promote the new biodegradable, harmless and pollution-free packaging materials and products in the whole country through policy and capital investment, and establish the recycling and processing mechanism and system of packaging waste.

Only let the green concept deeply rooted, in order to promote the Chinese packaging industry realize from large to strong ecological environment, good care of the green mountains and rivers.