Packaging industry outlook !

Packaging industry outlook !

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In July 25th, Smiths Pierre of the International Market Research Institute released the ten subversive forces of the packaging and printing industry from 2017 to 2027. According to the Institute estimates, the global market value of the packaging industry is about 866 billion dollars in 2016, and the average annual growth rate of the global market is over 4% in 2010 2016. The growth rate in the Middle East, North America and South America is 5% to 7%. The market value of the global packaging industry is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2021. The report points out that in the next 10 years, the development of packaging and printing industry will follow the principles of consumer orientation, product value added, brand building and integration with the Internet. In the process of the transformation of the packaging and printing industry, there are ten major forces that will lead to the reform of the industry.

Consumer demand oriented packaging marketing

Smiths Pierre Institute report shows that packaging is an important means of promotion in the circulation of goods, and the changing process of consumer psychology has a strong relationship with the sales process of goods. It is precisely because modern packaging and marketing actively respond to the psychological needs of consumers that they not only achieve the purpose of promoting commodities, but also play a subjective role in guiding healthy consumption and rational consumption. The survey shows that in the next 10 years, the sales of packaging products will first consider the needs and interests of consumers, and meet the needs of customers at different levels.

Power 1: innovative design

The report shows that customer focused thinking is particularly evident in the context of contemporary market economy. Enterprises should consider consumption psychology at the beginning of packaging design. The psychological demand of consumers restricts the design of packaging and is in the dominant position of both. The design of packaging is relatively passive and needs to adapt to the influence of consumer psychology, and it can have a positive effect on the consumer psychology. In this process, packaging design has become a bridge connecting enterprises and consumers. In the next 10 years, the innovation of packaging design will play an active role in the development of the industry.

Strength two: personality customization

The report shows that in order to cope with the change of marketing environment, especially for young consumer groups who are fond of personality, interesting and playful and hate stereotyped, packaging enterprises need personalized packaging and marketing. Packaging is the most important media carrier of products. If a part of the budget is put into personalized packaging and customization, products can stand out among many brands and become a hot topic for young people and social media. The report shows that most of the customized packaging is made by the packaging design department, but the emerging mode, such as the consumer become the packaging designer, and the number of products co authored by the packaging company is also increasing.

Strength three: green environmental protection

In addition to strengthening environmental management, enhancing environmental awareness and improving environmental technology, consumers' attention to environmental issues is also the main driving force for the green environmental policy. People gradually in the concept of environmental protection now, sustainable development has become the value orientation of the global packaging enterprise, practice green printing and packaging lightweight, improved environmental management, strengthen the awareness of environmental protection has become the conscious action of the enterprise, the concept of green enterprise also in response to the consumer on the sustainable development way of life pursuit. In 2018, the market for green printing and packaging in Asia will account for 32% of the world's total.

Power four: shelf marketing

Shelves and other sales terminals are the places where packaging products are closely related to consumers. The research institute says that from the perspective of effective marketing and consumer buying behavior, the ultimate goal of packaging product sales is to let consumers pay for their products. The Smiths Pierre Institute has found that shelf marketing is an important factor affecting the development of the packaging and printing industry in the next 10 years. The report puts forward that packaging product shelf marketing needs to follow two principles: first, let the package dance on the shelf and attract the customers' eyeballs; two, let the packaging speak with consumers and narrow the distance from consumers.

Deep processing of products to improve the added value of packaging

In the era of the pursuit of quality, excellent product packaging not only plays a protective role in transportation and simple, in the creation of value and promotion at the same time as the product, also led to the rapid development of related industries, not only to beautify the living environment and improve the quality of life of the role, but also played a positive role to enhance brand competitiveness the.

Strength five: upgrading of science and technology

With the promotion of market demand, the growth of the high-end packaging industry, represented by luxury goods packaging, will exceed the average growth level of other industries in the packaging industry. In the packaging industry, luxury packaging is developing rapidly and has great potential in the market area. In 2016, its market value has reached 13 billion 780 million US dollars, and it is expected that consumption will reach 14 billion 250 million US dollars in 2017.

Because of the brand effect of luxury goods, it is more attractive to consumers. In order to enhance user experience, luxury packaging gradually selects some high quality materials, and adopts more innovative design on exterior surface such as package surface, decoration, bottle cap and bottle stopper. On the basis of using advanced materials and decorations, the technology of counterfeit labels and two-dimensional code is used more and more, so that consumers can verify the authenticity of products through intelligent devices. New labels such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) can enable consumers to interact with branding providers to form deeper and more durable selling relationships.

Power six: cultural elements

The report, at present a lot of international packaging enterprises in various countries all over the world have sales, consumer recognition, and every country has its own culture and style, packaging designers need to understand each country's cultural characteristics and psychological needs, otherwise you can not find the selling goods to sell. Survey shows that successful packaging enterprises often have their own unique design style, through the establishment of international consciousness, get inspiration from each country's language and culture, have their own unique packaging design art in an international environment; and through the market research, the difference positioning design of packaging, improve packaging products, bring economic benefits and social benefits to the enterprise.

High standards shape brand strength

The concept of the brand is mainly reflected in the factors considered in the formulation of the marketing plan. Some brands will pay more attention to the value of the product, the trust of the customers and the social responsibility of the enterprise. Packaging is in the final analysis for the service of the brand, the brand business directly determines the development trend of the packaging industry. The emergence of new technology, the change of people's lifestyle and the change of brand culture have created new opportunities for packaging suppliers, as well as for them.

Power seven: Sustainable Development

Smiths Pierre Institute found that brand manufacturers have more and more pressure on the green manufacturing of packaging enterprises, making the printing and packaging enterprises conscious of sustainable development. The study found on the depth of investigation of hundreds of British packaging enterprises, 67% of the surveyed enterprises responsible person that minimize packaging waste is the main strategy for sustainable development of enterprises, 64% of the respondents think that recycling of materials is the primary strategy, 61% of respondents think the lightweight, reduction packaging is the first choice, 47% to reduce the cost of energy saving and emission reduction, 46% choose to use Recyclable materials, 26% emphasize the sustainable development of degradable materials.

Strength eight: security and anti-counterfeiting

The report shows that the threat of counterfeit products, new regulatory requirements, the continuous progress of technology and other factors promote the growing market for anti-counterfeit packaging products. Due to the expansion of trade, international trade has become the norm, in response to retailers and brand owners of supply chain security, product certification and prevent the loss of demand, anti-counterfeiting technology supplier use more cost-effective advanced technology to promote brand protection, consumer brands, and law enforcement agencies use more and more mobile digital channels such as the authenticity of intelligent mobile phone identifying products.

The survey data show that in 2022, the market value of global anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and safety packaging products will reach 3 billion 600 million dollars, and the compound annual growth rate will be 5.5% in 2017 2022. In the key areas of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial components and other key areas, the United States and Europe adopt mandatory labeling and monitoring tampering data. China, India, Korea, Brazil and Turkey have also launched safety measures aimed at strengthening the supply chain of pharmaceutical industry. Data show that food packaging is the most widely used brand protection packaging market, accounting for 38.8% of the total product of the counterfeit packaging products, the industrial market ranks second, and the other consumer goods rank the third.

"Internet plus" into the industrial revolution direction

Cloud printing and packaging the Internet is becoming an important direction of the packaging printing industry changes, the Internet will be the main parties on the packaging industry chain link to the same platform, information technology, big data, intelligent production will greatly improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, provide fast and convenient, low price, high quality integration services for customers.

Power nine: e-commerce platform

The development of packaging and printing e-commerce platform is obvious to all. The printing and printing practice of various business models and market segments emerge one after another. The industry's cognition of e-commerce is also deepened. Investigation shows, packaging and printing business platform success often has certain market segments, the market competitiveness of business is extremely high, and is suitable for the network print, and committed to innovation in the existing on the basis of the business, such as large data innovation and channel innovation etc..

Strength ten: Green Logistics

With the increase of the quantity of express delivery, the problem of environment pollution of express consumables is becoming more and more serious. The report shows that optimizing and integrating the supply chain to realize the green logistics packaging is one of the important development directions of the future packaging and printing industry. According to the business model, business technology, goods packaging unit package size chain, the electricity supplier logistics and traditional logistics distribution business differences, the harm of environment on the package, through networking technology and large data analysis platform and targeted to the implementation of the electricity supplier logistics cargo transport packaging design, in order to effectively transport packaging technology of contemporary electricity supplier logistics need to upgrade innovation.